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Vacancy at Abbeyfield Duncan!

Abbeyfield will have a vacancy ready February 1st. We are looking for an independent senior who enjoys beautifully home cooked meals, security, and companionship in our spacious home.

At Abbeyfield, we enjoy the benefits of a large garden and lovey gazebo to visit with friends and family in a safe manner, catch the sun, or enjoy watching the birds. In the summer the garden is full of fruits and veggies that we use in our meals and preserves, and if you like to garden, you are more than welcome to join in. We are within easy walking distance of Quamichan Lake, so going out for a scenic stroll is as easy as can be. We have a masterful kitchen staff who provide lovingly prepared meals everyday of the week, and a newly renovated breakfast room. We also offer the security of a night attendant in case of any emergencies.

We offer exercise classes via Zoom, and Social Sundays when residents gather for some fun activities or crafts. Outside of scheduled activities, we have a large living area stocked with books, puzzles, and games, as well as a family room for comfort and conversation and the occasional movie night.

Please apply by email, by phone 250 748-1352 or drop by the house at 5905 Indian Road off Maple Bay Road. We would love to show you around and give you an application.

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